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A Ball Rules

 LV Tourneys Tournament Rules


  • The tournament will be governed by 2020 USA Rules / Code for Championship and/or invitational play, except where amended by 2020 LVTourneys rules.


Game balls will be furnished and are to be returned.


  • Home team will be determined by coin toss at the pre-game meeting with the umpires. Dugouts are not assigned.  Please choose a dugout based on availability.  If one team is playing back to back games they should remain in their dugout.  Please take other dugout.


  • The umpires before each game will review ground rules. The starting line up must be submitted to the home plate umpire at ground rules.


  • Time limits: A one hour and twenty minute time limit shall apply to all pool games. Elimination games shall be one hour and twenty minutes. Championship games have no time limit.  Official Game Time starts with the first warm up pitch, and it will be the responsibility of the home to note the starting time, per the umpire, in the scorebook.  The umpire shall have the Official Timepiece.  No new inning shall begin after the appropriate time limit.  The Game Clock will be stopped ONLY for a serious injury.


  • Pool games tied at the end of one hour and twenty minutes shall remain tied. Tiebreaker order for championship seeding:  a) Head to Head b) Runs Allowed c) Runs Scored d) Coin Toss.  Cross-Pool Games (Games played with a team outside your pool) DO NOT count towards Championship Seeding.  Elimination games tied at the end of seven innings or at the end of one hour and twenty minutes will institute the International Tie Breaker at the top of the next inning.


  • Pool Play Games. In pool play games only, the Coach may elect to bat all players in attendance (Bat the Bench).  If a player scheduled to bat has left the game, an out shall be declared for each turn missed.  The Courtesy Runner rule (last out) may be used for the pitcher or catcher at any time. DP/Flex may also be used.


  • Elimination Games. In elimination games, you can NOT bat the bench. You must bat straight 9. You may use the option of a DP/Flex.


  • Run Rules. There shall be a 12 run rule after three (3) innings, 10 run rule after four (4) innings, and 8 run rule after five (5) innings.


  • Any coach / player ejected from a ball game will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee.  The decision of the Tournament Committee shall be final. Coach / Player will be notified by the Tournament Committee of the final decision.


  • Players must be the age of the division they are competing in or younger on 12/31/19. Any team guilty of playing an ineligible player will forfeit the current game.


  • There shall be no infield practice at any time.


  • All teams are guaranteed five (5) games, WEATHER PERMITTING: three pool play games and advancement in to a single elimination bracket with a first round consolation bracket.




  • In the unlikely event of rain, every effort will be made to continue and complete the Tournament!! However, one or more of the following formats may be instituted at the discretion of the Tournament Director.  Teams must be prepared to play at ANYTIME!


  • The run rule will be lowered to 8 runs after three (3) innings, 6 runs after four (4) innings and 4 runs after five (5) innings.


  • One (1) hour time limit – drop dead (Pool Play Games)


  • One (1) hour time limit – drop dead. Elimination games tied at the expired time will institute the International Tie Breaker at the top of the next inning.


  • In the event of extreme conditions, the safety and welfare of the players will be a primary concern of the Tournament Staff. Games may or will be shortened to the above-mentioned formats as necessary.



  • If a game in progress has to be stopped, both umpires need to WRITE down the Stats immediately upon reaching safety—-

-Balls and Strikes


-Runners on Base

-Time left on clock

-Validate the Stats with each team’s scorebook and initial each book.


  • If the weather does not subside or fields become unplayable, contact your Site U.I.C. and/or Site Director. Updates will be posted on as well, as they become available.



  • A Protest Committee has been established for the 2019 Winter Classic.


  • The protest fee is $50.00 (cash)


  • Protests of rule interpretations must be made prior to the next pitch to be valid. If the protest is upheld the fee will be returned, if denied the fee is forfeited.  Player eligibility protests must be made while player is in the game or prior to the umpires leaving the playing field (no fee required).  Any team guilty of playing an ineligible player will forfeit the current game.


  Have Fun.  Enjoy the Tournament.  Good Luck.

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