2019 Fireowrks

Fireworks Staff 2019

We still need spots filled! Please take a look and text Keely at 702-334-1092 with any shifts you would like to add to your schedule. We have quite a few openings on the 4th, as stated in the meeting it is a 5 hour per person minimum on the 4th. We are verifying these numbers and if you are short, it will need to be filled in or you will be removed from working. *Under 21 may not work on the 4th of July.

Fireworks Hours By Location:

Silverado Ranch & Maryland Pkwy. (Smiths)
Durango & Arby (Speedee Mart)
Tropicana & Hualapai (Albertsons)
Flamingo & Hualapai (Smith’s)
Lake Mead & Rampart (Smith’s) 
Cheyenne & Soaring Gulls (Albertsons’)

Pre-Sales Forms (There are 4 pre-sales forms to a page to make it easier for you if you have multiple customers)
The minimum amount, per family, is $100!! – Failure to do so will deduct $40 from your pay.

“$50 + a Family Pack” will be awarded to the family, on the 4th, with the HIGHEST Pre-Sales – so GO GET THOSE SALES! The more we sell, the more we MAKE!

Always up-sell in the booth and DO NOT DISCOUNT, especially without approval (if you have a customer speding a LARGE amount ($300+) we MAY consider something for them.

TNT Product Ad – Print for Pre-Sales


If you have any questions regarding your shifts or need to make changes please contact Keely immediately at 702-334-1092 – PLEASE only cancel any shifts you have signed up for if it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY & AN EMERGENCY. Dropped shifts are EXTREMELY HARD to get covered, ESPECIALLY with one day notice. IF you NO-SHOW for a SHIFT you will lose your remaining shifts and forfeit any hours worked.